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border="0" />                                                                                                                                                                 Steve Hill - Lariat album   

Steve Hill - A Texas artist through and through, "Lariat" is a collection
                   of country songs delivered as only Steve Hill can do.

Bryan Fontenot - Somewhere In Texas album


Bryan Fontenot - A Lousiana born and somehow became a legend in Texas as well.
                            Capable and smooth in delivery of both traditional and modern country.
                            His album "Somwhere in Texas" covers all the bases.

Bubba Harper - Walking By Faith

Bubba Harper - With as smooth a voice as anyone around and a giant as an entertainer.
                            Bubba brings his country music chops to his Gospel songs as well,
                            This album "walking By Faith" demonstrates just as much an artist Bubba really is.

Carrie Clermont - A Century Of Great Music

Carrie Clermont - Her piano and vocal album "A Century Of Great Musioc" Ia a collection of songs from
                             the 20th century with one song from each decade along with a couple of Carrie's favorites.

                                                                                                                                                Rob Lavender - Songs From The Road album

  Robin Lavender - A drummer, soundman, and recording engineer. Rob toured with several bands over the years,
                             His first album was a long time coming, and is a result of fans asking for the songs he sang during
                             his On The Road days. That is exactly what this album is and hence the title "Songs From The Road".


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